In our modern world, the level of our dependence on motorized vehicles almost defies description. And hand in hand with our dependence on vehicles is our dependence on asphalt and the people who understand and work expertly with it. Among these people, Brasco, Inc. is second to none.

Whether your parking lot, roadway, tennis court or any other asphalt structure needs to be resurfaced, replaced or installed from the ground up, Brasco’s decades of experience and expertise are the best choice for the job. If you are unsure what approach your paving project requires, Brasco can help. Beginning with our no-charge inspection of your premises, we will discuss your options with you and offer straightforward solutions. Your work will be overseen on-site by management and completed by our dedicated and stable crew with a century or better of combined asphalt experience.

Asphalt itself has come a long way since the late 1800’s when its popularity in the United States started to take off. Initially a pliable substance, people walking across its surface would leave imprints of their shoes in the soft asphalt. These imprints would slowly level out, leaving the asphalt once again smooth. Imagining asphalt in this state under the constant assault of today’s traffic patterns and heavy vehicles, leaves us with an understanding of just how far the science of asphalt has come.

Brasco understands and employs all of today’s most up-to-the-minute asphalt repair and asphalt paving techniques, constantly staying abreast of all the new developments. You can rest assured that you are in professional and knowledgeable hands when you trust your work to us. Brasco’s finished projects just turn out better.

Brasco knows, too, that your asphalt should not only be functional and practical, but visually appealing as well. A thoughtfully designed and carefully maintained parking lot offers an excellent first impression of your business to customers. Brasco has the knowledge and ingenuity built on years of experience in helping make that first impression a great one.

Why Brasco should be your Paving Experts.

  • Skill and know-how, based on years of experience and training
  • Stable and dedicated crew, on site as well as support
  • Hands on management, no ivory tower phoning it in
  • Results that exceed your expectations

Standing water problems, traffic flow problems, expansion problems are no problem when your first call is to Brasco.

Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt is widely used because of its durability and versatility for various projects. It is a petroleum-based product that is both flexible and solid. Proper maintenance and repairs are key to preserving the life of asphalt surfaces. Asphalt damage that is not repaired properly can lead to potholes, uneven surfaces and cracks, which can result in additional expenses.

Minor Projects Include:

Pothole Filling/Patching Repairs
Filling pothole(s) with cold patch, if there is a need for a quick repair.

Removing smaller areas of asphalt and replacing in order to fix a minor repair. The edges must be properly prepared and the patch must be compacted with a roller to ensure long-term results when patching asphalt.

Crack Filling
Removing any grass or debris from straight line cracks, applying hot liquid rubberized asphalt crack fill to cracks in order to prevent them from expanding.

Major Projects Include:

Creating joints at perimeter of area being repaired and installing an “overlay” of asphalt over existing surface. This can be done if current asphalt is considered structurally sound.

Using a milling machine to pull up current surface, installing new asphalt to areas that were milled.

Grading can be done for proper drainage, especially in the circumstance of standing water.

Sub base reconstruction can be needed after asphalt is milled. The sub base consists of crushed rock and provides a stable surface to support the asphalt pavement. It also creates a frost barrier to reduce potential damages from freezing and thawing. If the sub base is found to be too soft, reconstruction of the base and stone would be done. Following the reconstruction, new asphalt would be installed.

Our expertise allows us to provide the proper care for your repairs. If asphalt is not repaired or not repaired properly can lead to a significant expense. Proper maintenance and repairs are key to preserving the life of your asphalt surfaces.

We have the proper equipment and can provide the proper materials suitable for your project.

Asphalt damage can be caused by a variety of reasons:

  • Excessive loading
  • Weak or thin surface, base or subgrade
  • Frost heave
  • Incorrect asphalt grade or poor installation techniques
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